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DoReMi Venue-1

Welcome to DoReMi Club™

DoReMi Venue-5

Our creative hallwayDoReMi Venue-7

Another angel 🙂

DoReMi Venue-2


DoReMi Venue-3

Parent lounge for our talented studentsDoReMi Venue-4

Coats and shoes go here 😉

DoReMi Venue-13

Group Master Classroom – Where the Fun Begins!DoReMi Venue-12

Our Let’s Play Music™ Group Piano Master Class Room

DoReMi Venue-6

Grand Practice/Lesson RoomDoReMi Venue-8

Practice/Lesson RoomDoReMi Venue-9

Practice/Lesson RoomDoReMi Venue-10

Practice/Lesson Room

DoReMi Venue-11

Practice Room/Drum Studio

DoReMi Venue-14

Art & Play Studio coming soon~!