LPM 3 – Purple Magic & Orange Roots

third year 


Purple Magic – Piano Skills 

Students learn all note names on the staff, identify accidentals, are introduced to transposing, play level one piano repertoire, learn about key signatures, ABA song form and much more!
Note:  Parents are requested to attend classes.  TBA by instructor.

201 FALL

Starting week of September 14th, 2019
Ending week of January 25th, 2020
No Classes:
  • TBA
Tuition: $496.00 for the 16-week semester.  ($30/Class)
Registration Fees:
Note: There is an additional fee of $45.00 for recital and resource shipping for Let’s Play Music™.
There is a materials resource fee made payable directly to Let’s Play Music™:
  • $72.00 USD/set
  • $47.00 USD/sibling set
There is a recital day at the end of the school year. TBA.
Class Duration: 55 mins.
There is a recital day at the end of the school year



Orange Roots – Piano Skills 

  Students learn to build and identify a triad, find the root in a triad and invert triads.  They learn ¾ and 4/4 time signatures, more rhythmic notation and adding a chord to a melody, melodic dictation, compose their own piece to perform at a recital and much more!

2020 Winter

This 16-week session begins the week of January 27, 2020, and ends the week of June 8th, 2020.

No Classes:

  • February 13 – 19. Teacher’s Convention & Family Day
  • March 23 – 28. Spring Break
  • April 9 – 15. Easter Weekend
  • May 18 – 20. Victoria Day
  • June 4 – 6. Professional Development Day

Tuition is $496.00 for the 16-week semester.

There is a recital day at the end of the school year.

Class Duration: 55 mins.