LPM 1 - Red Balloon & Blue Bugs

first year

Red Balloon – Preparation for keyboard

Course Description:

Students are introduced to the 5 lines and spaces of the staff, singing a major scale with sofeggio syllables with hand signs, learn to keep a steady beat, match pitch in minor 3rds, play melodies and ostinato on tone bells, learn the three primary chords on the autoharp, and much more!

Note:  Parents are requested to attend classes.  TBD by instructor.

Tuition: $400.00 for the 16-week semester. 

Registration Fees:



Note: There is an additional fee of $45.00 for a recital and with Let’s Play Music™.

There is a materials resource fee made payable directly to Let’s Play Music™:

There is a recital day at the end of the school year. TBA.

Class Duration: 45 mins.


You can register by choosing your desired class time from the schedule below!



Blue Bugs – Preparation for keyboard


Course Description:

Students learn to divide and subdivide beats, read rhythmic notation patterns, distinguish major and minor tonalities, play steps and skips from the staff onto tone bells, and much more!  Note:  This is a bi-weekly parented class.  Parents are requested to attend odd numbered lesson classes.  (i.e. Lesson 1,3,5,etc. are parented.  Lesson 2,4,6,etc. are unparented).

Tuition is $400.00 for the 16-week semester

Class Duration: 45 mins.