About Us

Calgary’s Premiere Music and Arts Centre: DoReMi Club™

Helping our community grow through music!

Dear Calgary:

DoReMi Club™ was started with only simple philosophies: That the key to success lies in one word—fun!  To provide outstanding education through music to young children by embracing the joy and pleasure of making music with experienced instruction.

We have always endeavored to put our students first; their development, learning and hands on involvement in class participation have always been paramount to our business model and always will be.  Simply put; we believe that our children are the future and we as educators must ensure that that future is equipped to handle the challenges and adversities of tomorrow.

We incorporate the best of all musical and educational methodologies and discoveries.  DoReMi Club™ provides its teachers, students and families with an enriched experience that holds the power to change lives. Smart parents with young children ages 0-7 who want the very best and want to give their children that slight edge in their fundamental education; we are here to serve the community.   DoReMi Club™ offers programs that increase confidence, develop talent, enhances intelligence and bonds parent to child by providing an outstanding music educational experience for children, using premium materials and lessons, taught by superbly trained teachers.  An education, both musical and academic or what we call, Musicademic! Achieved through playing at an early age.

Reason we stand apart from other Music School:

We play! (and we understand its benefits)

We embrace the process of learning

We give consistent effort

We focus on abundance

We make the most of our time

We communicate openly and honestly

We pursue quality

We celebrate accomplishment

We face challenges with optimism

We purposefully cultivate relationships

Our Vision, most importantly is that music gives children a means to express themselves, to unleash their creativity, and to be inspired by their own boundless capacity for personal growth.  Our aspiration is to ensure that each student whom we have the privilege to teach achieves this end.

Meet the DOREMI CLUB™ Team!

team member

Christine Cho

I love music! I love children! I love to teach! My first experience with piano lessons was horrible. I was 5 years old and the old lady teaching was very strict, not fun and even scary. Until I was 13 years of age, I was taking piano lessons with few other teachers, but never liked them. I started taking flute lessons when I was 14 years old and I met a great fun teacher who encouraged me all the time and I loved it. I truly believe that music has to be fun and enjoyable and the teacher takes a huge role in that part. I have my Bachelor of Arts in Early Music Education from the University of Calgary and have taught Kodàly method music for the past 11 years at my own music-focused preschool, privately and also at one of Calgary’s leading private school, Webber Academy. I’m very excited to be a “Let’s Play Music™” teacher to engage with young children and families in a dynamic music class environment that develops the “Complete Musician.”
team member

Aaron Wong

Aaron is a passionate bassoonist and drummer.  One of the founders of the Trinity Winds; providing elegant music for weddings, events and private parties.  He has been performing and teaching professionally for over 15 years.  Currently the principal bassoonist for the Calgary Wind Symphony under the direction of Dr. Jeremy Brown and is the studio instructor for Bassoon and Drums at DoReMi Club™: Music and Arts Centre. Aaron has also contributed to orchestral groups such as the Symphony of the Kootenays, the Calgary Arts Orchestra and the Calgary Civic Symphony.    His drumming contributions include groups such as The Dead Hitch Hikers, Guard at the Gate, and KKRM. He has held core drumming positions with Journey of Faith Christian Church, Friends Church, Calgary Community of Faith and Centre Street Church. He is currently the Drummer for Calgary’s original progressive Rock band, MindSeed. Aaron studied at the University of Calgary and Pursued a Bachelor of Music Degree.  His teachers includes: Stephen Franse, Michael Hope, Francesca Davenport, Terry B. Ewell, Ole Kristian Dahl, Gustav Nunez, Sergio Azzolini, Celene Yohemas, Gavin Sirocean and Ronald Harris.