About Us

  • Calgary’s Premiere Music and Arts Centre: DoReMi Club™

    Dear Calgary:

    DoReMi Club™ was started with only simple philosophies: That the key to success lies in one word—fun!  To provide outstanding education through music to young children by embracing the joy and pleasure of making music with experienced instruction.

    We have always endeavored to put our students first; their development, learning and hands on involvement in class participation have always been paramount to our business model and always will be.  Simply put; we believe that our children are the future and we as educators must ensure that that future is equipped to handle the challenges and adversities of tomorrow.

    We incorporate the best of all musical and educational methodologies and discoveries.  DoReMi Club™ provides its teachers, students and families with an enriched experience that holds the power to change lives. Smart parents with young children ages 0-7 who want the very best and want to give their children that slight edge in their fundamental education; we are here to serve the community.   DoReMi Club™ offers programs that increase confidence, develop talent, enhances intelligence and bonds parent to child by providing an outstanding music educational experience for children, using premium materials and lessons, taught by superbly trained teachers.  An education, both musical and academic or what we call, Musicademic! Achieved through playing at an early age.

    Reason we stand apart from other Music School: We play! (and we understand its benefits) We embrace the process of learning We give consistent effort We focus on abundance We make the most of our time We communicate openly and honestly We pursue quality We celebrate accomplishment We face challenges with optimism We purposefully cultivate relationships

    Our Vision, most importantly is that music gives children a means to express themselves, to unleash their creativity, and to be inspired by their own boundless capacity for personal growth.  Our aspiration is to ensure that each student whom we have the privilege to teach achieves this end.