Course Description:

Presto is for the beginning pianist, whether they have had a year or so of piano lessons or no piano lessons at all. Presto teaches so much more than the piano! We teach COMPLETE musicianship: vocal training, ear training, sight-reading, music theory, rhythm, music history, proper piano technique, and we do it in a fun, snappy style that tweens love! Most likely, those students who already have had a year or so of piano haven’t studied all areas of music. In fact, they most likely have only dabbled a little in rhythm, have some note reading skills, and developed some finger strength. We include an optional “challenge” section written into the Presto curriculum to satisfy the appetite of hard-working students and that of students who already have finger dexterity built from previous piano lessons.

2020 Winter

This 16-week session begins the week of January 27, 2020, and ends the week of June 8th, 2020.

No Classes:

  • February 13 – 19. Teacher’s Convention & Family Day
  • March 23 – 28. Spring Break
  • April 9 – 15. Easter Weekend
  • May 18 – 20. Victoria Day
  • June 4 – 6. Professional Development Day

Registration Fees:

Note: There is an additional fee of $45.00 for recital and resource shipping for Let’s Play Music™.

There is a materials resource fee made payable directly to Let’s Play Music™:

  • Presto I Student Materials – $70 (USD)

There is a recital day at the end of the school year. TBA.

Class Duration: 1 hour


You can register by choosing your desired class time from the schedule below!