Music Theory


The study of music theory is an important part of a complete musical education. Familiarity with the basic concepts of music theory aids in musical literacy, including notation, sight reading, ear training and memory.

This music theory course is to develop a student’s ability to recognize, understand, and describe the basic materials and processes of music that are heard or presented in a score such as:

-Music Notation
-Time Values
-Major and minor scales
-Simple Time

This 15-week session begins the week of January 18 and ends the week of May 16 (no classes Feb. 12 – 18 and Mar. 20 – Apr. 3)

Tuition is $240.00 for the 15-week semester. All students also pay an annual registration fee of $75.00 once per school year (June-May).

Text Book: $45.00
Mark Sarnecki’s The Complete Elementary Music Rudiments 2nd Edition

Class Duration: 1 hr.